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Merit Projects has an experienced red meat industry design team with many years of experience and knowledge designing, installing, servicing and maintaining equipment in both the meat and food industry.

We provide a bespoke range of slaughterhouse specialist equipment for cattle, sheep, goat, pig and venison slaughtering,  carcass cutting and processing facilities.

We have designed, managed and installed systems for efficient slaughtering at rates of up to 60 cattle per hour, 550 lambs per hour or 240 pigs per hour. We design systems to meet the requirements of each individual operation.

We operate in the UK, Ireland, Europe and overseas as equipment suppliers and also as project managers, planning efficient, cost effective systems and to overseeing the equipment installation.

We undertake new projects and also work on extensions to existing production lines. Tackling problems with cost effective solutions and all whilst ensuring a minimum of disruption to your normal production through put.

Our experienced technicians are also involved in the implementation of material handling solutions and associated control systems in our fields such as the textile and chemical industry.

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